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Recent studies have suggested an association between proton pump inhibitor (PPI) usage and occurrence of conditions such as dementia and kidney disease. This was strictly an association and many important risk factors, such as alcohol use, nonsteroid medication use, and hypertension, have not been taken into account. Without adjusting for these additional variables it is difficult to draw definitive conclusions and further studies will be necessary.

In the meantime, these new data raise understandable concern over prolonged usage of acid-suppressive medications and we recognize our patients’ apprehension over this matter. Our practice evaluates each patient’s need for PPI use on a case by case basis. We consider potential risks involved and weigh them against the benefits that PPi therapy may provide. There are circumstances in which the usage of PPI therapy is essential and withdrawal of PPI therapy may lead to serious consequences, such as in patients on anticoagulation and patients with ulcer disease. We recommend using PPI therapy at the lowest possible dose and no longer than is absolutely necessary. Each patient on PPI therapy should be re-evaluated by a doctor every 3 months to determine the need for continued PPI use. Your long-term health is our absolute priority. We will continue to update you on the latest data in regards to PPI use as it becomes available.




Dr. Curtis, along with being an excellent doctor, is also a Crohn’s specialist and knows just about everything there is to know about the disease. He is very professional, polite, and always follows up with his patients with phone calls and letters. He will do everything in his power to make sure his patients get better. I’m so glad I found Dr. Curtis…he saved my life.

My husband and I both see Dr. Bailen and we both love him! He has a fantastic bedside manner and is very personable. He takes the time to explain what is wrong and will weigh the pros and cons with you. I absolutely love Dr. Bailen and have referred several friends to him and they have been completely satisfied with him as well. He is a FANTASTIC doctor.

Dr. Lee is a Gastroenterologist and is absolutely wonderful! He makes me almost enjoy my doctors apts! He is thorough, does not rush you, answers all your questions, without making you feel stupid, and even calls you a few days later to check in. His diagnoses have always been spot on, as well as his treatment plans. I wish he could be my PCP!!”